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keetoo-kreditAlways get more than you pay for
keetoo-kredit 4.9 Rating on Trustpilot
keetoo-kredit Mobile friendly tickets
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Use your Kredits at PizzaExpress. Choose from any Classic Pizza. You always get more with Keetoo!

🎡 About this venue

  • Available at over 300 PizzaExpress locations across the UK
  • Any Classic Pizza in exchange for your Kredits

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and enjoy a pizza at PizzaExpres!

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❤️ Why we love PizzaExpress

“Pizza is the one food that I get the most excited about, so I LOVE Pizza Express. You can keep your fish and chips and kebabs, an ‘American Hot’ with a side of dough balls and a glass of wine is my idea of heaven! Leftovers? You’ve got to be joking!”

Ren, Director of Awesome and Problem Solver – Keetoo Crew ✌️

📢 Spill the beans, I want to know more!

Pizza is the world’s number one favourite food, and you can seldom find a better choice of Pizzas than at PizzaExpress. PizzaExpress was born in 1965 when its founder Peter Boizot decided to bring an authentic pizza oven over to England. The nation’s love of traditionally cooked, flavourful pizzas grew from there to make PizzaExpress a household name. From BBQ burnt ends to the famous ‘American Hot’, there’s plenty of pizza choices to satisfy every craving including gluten free and vegan options. So, what are you waiting for? Sign off from work, put that phone on silent and head on down to your local PizzaExpress for some delicious doughy delights!

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Any Classic Pizza

£13 Kredits

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E.g. Diavolo Classic Pizza


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