Should I Book Tickets for London Attractions in Advance?

by Ren Nair
Last Update: 17 July 2023

Estimates show that the UK will welcome over 26 million visitors in 2022.

That means millions of other travellers will be visiting London throughout the year and they’ll all be vying for the same tickets as you when you’re booking visits to London attractions.

Does this mean that you should book tickets for London attractions in advance? If you can, yes! However, not all attractions require a booking ahead of time. While it’s recommended if you want to snag the best prices and avoid queues, it’s not always necessary.

Here’s what to know about how to book tickets to London attractions ahead of time so you can enjoy the best trip to London.

Choose your attraction combination and save

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Reasons to Book Tickets for London Attractions in Advance

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to book tickets for London attractions in advance if you can. There are many benefits of doing so, including the fact that you can avoid the queues at the ticket office and also (often) be able to get a discount on the price of your ticket.

And if you’re looking to visit multiple attractions, then booking via the Keetoo Days Out app can help you earn free money to spend during your London vacation. This is especially helpful if you’re travelling with children or a large group of friends or family.

The more Keetoo Kredits you purchase, the more free Kredits we add to your wallet. You can use these free Keetoo Kredits to book more experiences and tickets at over 1,000 locations all around the UK.

However, before we get into the real benefits of booking ahead via the Keetoo Days Out app, let’s explore some of the main attractions in London that are necessary to book in advance.

Attractions to Book in Advance When You Visit London

Some museums in London are free and other attractions are open to the public. However, there are certain attractions that, when vacation planning, you’ll want to ensure you book ahead. Why?

Aside from earning more Keetoo Kredits as mentioned above, tickets for these attractions tend to sell out quickly. If you’re travelling with children and want to ensure you can not only purchase a ticket but purchase one at a specific time during the day then you’ll need to book ahead.

Buckingham Palace State Rooms

The Buckingham Palace State Rooms are a must-see for any visitor to London. Home to some of the most important events in British history, a tour of 19 State Rooms is a fascinating glimpse into the past.

From the opulent throne room to the intimate royal bed chambers, the Buckingham Palace State Rooms offer a rare insight into the lives of Britain’s royal family. And with a range of audio guides and tours available, there is something to suit everyone.

Note that this tour is only open from July to October. Tickets tend to go on sale beginning in March and because they only allow visits for a couple of months of each year, they tend to sell out quickly.

Note that to witness the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace you don’t need to purchase a ticket. The experience is free! However, you will need to check out their schedule to ensure you’re outside at the correct time to witness the changing of the guards.

Pro Tip: We suggest booking tickets in advance to visit Kensington Palace as well!

Westminster Abbey

Visit Westminster Abbey to see the beautiful architecture and art, learn about British history, and visit the final resting place of many famous people.

The abbey was founded in the year 960 (yes, you read that right, 960!), and since then it has been expanded and renovated many times. It is one of the most important Gothic buildings in England, and it has been designated as a World Heritage Site.

The abbey is also home to many valuable works of art, including paintings by John Constable and Henry Purcell’s organ. In addition, Westminster Abbey is the final resting place of many British monarchs and other notable figures, such as Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Should you book ahead for this London attraction? It’s not necessary, no. You typically don’t run the risk of not being able to purchase a ticket for your desired date. However, if you book your ticket ahead for Westminster Abbey you can enjoy a £2 discount per ticket.

Pro Tip: If you’re interested in Abbey Road (which is just three miles away from Westminster Abbey) because you’re a fan of The Beatles then be sure to book a ticket for The Beatles Story if you make it to Liverpool.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

You’ll want to book at least two months in advance if you plan to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. It’s a must for any Harry Potter fan.

The Studio Tour is located in Leavesden, just outside of London. Visitors can explore the Great Hall, the Gryffindor common room, and Dumbledore’s office, among other sets and locations from the Harry Potter films.

The tour also includes a chance to see some of the Harry Potter props and costumes up close, as well as learn about how the special effects were created. Best of all, the Studio Tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Harry Potter movies.

Why should you book in advance? The tour is incredibly popular as you can imagine.

Pro Tip: Because you’ll want to spend your time enjoying this tour (which can last up to four hours or more), you don’t want to be rushed. If you can, ensure you get a ticket for the morning. However, note that morning tickets tend to sell out faster.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. It was founded in 1066 by William the Conqueror and served as a royal residence, a prison, and a place of execution for over 600 years.

The tower is now managed by Historic Royal Palaces and is open to the public as a tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the tower’s many chambers and learn about its fascinating history. They can also visit the crown jewels, which are on display in the Jewel House.

The Tower of London is an iconic part of London’s skyline and a must-see for any visitor to the city. However, it’s another attraction that isn’t necessary to book ahead unless you want to snag discounts.

In some cases, you can get discounts for purchasing online. Via the Keeoo Days Out app, you can purchase a ticket for just 30 Kredits per adult or 15 Kredits per child to save even more.

Pro Tip: Combine your visit to the Tower of London with a visit to the Tower Bridge!

London Eye

The London Eye is a visit you won’t want to miss when trip planning your vacation. It is a large Ferris wheel that allows you to see all of London from above.

Once at the top, you will have stunning views of some of London’s most famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. All in all, the London Eye is a great activity for families or couples looking to get a unique perspective on the city.

Should you book tickets ahead for the London Eye? It can be difficult to book too far in advance because the weather in London is somewhat difficult to predict. However, we recommend booking a day or two in advance if you can.

Pro Tip: You can purchase tickets for a specific time slot so that you can avoid long lines. This is the best way to visit the London Eye and avoid wasting time that you can spend exploring other areas of London.

West End Shows

West End in London is an area that is rich in culture and history. West End in London is known for its many theatres, which attract tourists from all over the world. West End in London is also home to numerous museums and galleries, as well as several famous landmarks.

However, if you’re planning on catching a West End show then we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. This is to ensure that you can purchase a ticket for the show you’re hoping to see but also so that you can get snag the seat you’re interested in.

Pro Tip: If you’re not interested in theatre but want to enjoy a show while you’re visiting London then head to the cinema for a fun, entertaining evening out.

Purchase Tickets for Your London Vacation

Regardless of whether you’re planning a visit to one of the attractions above or any of the numerous other fun things to do in London, we definitely suggest that you ​​book tickets for London attractions in advance.

With the Keetoo Days Out app, that’s easier than ever. Download the app to discover the best days out and things to do in London. Then, book your tickets ahead of time and enjoy earning Keetoo Kredits as you do so!

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